Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Naaah. Im just board. :)

Hello,  how's your day ? isn't it okay ? Lol, im bored right now.  Actually, i need some help right now.  Let me tell you about myself :) actually i only 11 years old, i born on 15 august. I have a geng that fill with errm 12 maybe, They are mybestfriends, but, my real bestfriends are TIHANI, MAISARAH DEENA, LIYANA and ATHIRAH.  we're just like family. We go here together, we go there together, kay, now i want to tell you about my 6 best bestfriends, the first one is TIHANI, she's a kind of weird girl :) she's a weird girl that i've ever seen, errgh~ Hhaha im sorry tihani, but, i have to tell this, the next person is.. LIYANA, errm, liyana is  kind off happy good lucky girl, sometimes. People look at her face like she mad, actually, she's not kind that girl, Next is MAISARAH, errm, maisarah is cute, adorable and also amazing girl. She has a good voice like JESSICA JUNG (SNSD). she also a nice person, next is, DEENA, deena is also a weird girl, she has fall in love with someone. But, that guy is enemy of deena, now, deena hate her, (maybe ?) and the last is ATHIRAH, athirah is a great leader, even she is a crying girl, SORRY TRAAH. IM JUST JOKING :D FORGIVE ME :D. Okayy, that's all i want to tell you all about my friends, sorry if my english is wrong :) LoL, im bored right now, byee, annyeong ! (bye) :D enjoy !

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