Monday, 24 October 2011

Err, taktau..

Heyy Guys ! im new here, please add me to your BLOG tq. The first thing that i wanted to make a blog, because im a stalker actually. But, don't scared with me. I just want to see your blog, I born on 15/ 1995, im not going to tell you all about me, because it's a secret, im not sure if my english grammar is right or not. Sometimes i feel like, it was WRONG laaaah, maybe nextime i should talk in malay.  Sorry guys, i didn't have any story to tell you all. Maybe next timee. :) I already have a boyfriend, he's nicee and gentlemen person, that's why i love him. Okaay, Got to go. I need to decorate my blog, Heheh, can anybody teach me ? Maybe not, I will learn by myself. Kay lah, Annyeong! (goodybye) assalamualaikum. Byee, see you again at nextimee. :D

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